A Minute On The Lips… Tales of our last Bake Sale

Dear Oliver Group People

When that first bite of strawberry shortcake hit your lips at the bake sale a few days ago… what did you think about?

Thank you Nicola on the third floor for being queen of the buttercream, or that no amount of jazzercise will ever exorcise those calories from your haunted midriff?

Bit of both?

Probably, unless you don’t jazzercise.

But most importantly, did you stop to wonder where your money went after the sale?
Do you actually know what your efforts for O&L buy?
No? Well, let us show you!

This is Evangeline.

image[2] copy


She’s in Form 2 and has two more years before the end of her studies. She’s an excellent student, with a keen eye for business studies, and most impressively she walks to school every day at 6 am. Her dad was sadly killed in a car accident last year, and the family has been struggling to support themselves ever since.

With your appetite and poor dietary discipline, as well as your generous donations, we raised £618. This money will effectively change this girl’s life with the promise of schooling, knowledge, career, advancement, self-pride, and earning potential.

For this, and for all the other initiatives coming your way, thank you SO MUCH from all of us at OLIVER & LEARN
Your efforts are making a huge difference.

Stay posted for more OLIVER & LEARN news as our Bournemouth office run their own cake-based assault on will-power in the coming weeks.