Ken’s story

Ken is in his last year at secondary school. We have been supporting him for the last two years by paying his school fees. His family background is very poor. Unfortunately Ken suffers with Muscular Dystrophy which makes things even harder for him.

Often Ken arrives late to school and he struggles carrying his books to and from school. His family duties include walking to collect water every morning prior to his even longer slow walk to school.

When Mandy was in Kianjai she visited Ken at school. It was arranged for Ken to have some crutches and a ruck sack and the Principal Teacher agreed that Ken could have two sets of books to make his travelling to and from school less of a hardship.

Oliver & Learn agreed to continue sponsoring Ken beyond secondary education and he is delighted. His determination and renewed hope are what keeps him strong enough to continue this daily endurance.

He wrote this letter in January and handed it to Mandy on her visit…