Agricultural Education

The Kianjai region suffers from regular droughts every 3-4 years. Most of the members of this community are small-scale subsistence farmers.

Oliver & Learn is supporting the development of some community land, in Kianjai, to create a sustainable farm, which is not reliant on rainfall and will feed the community. This will include a demonstration farm providing education of farming techniques for the future.

This sustainable agriculture initiative is very exciting and could have amazing long-term benefits.

The demonstration farm will be used to educate local peasant farmers how to maximise the return from their land, even during times of drought. This will increase family income, which will significantly improve the number of children in education and family health.

To date we have identified three main routes to achieve this outcome:

  • Model best practice farming techniques, suitable for peasant farmers, which can be replicated on their land at a reasonable cost. We’ll then combine this with structured education and ongoing support.
  • Educate on – and support the provision of – improved water harvesting, better sanitation and better water hygiene.
  • Develop economic empowerment programmes, i.e. table banking to support both the above activities.