Kianjai Schools

We sponsor 11 secondary schools in Kianjai, Meru. This subsidises school fees for the most needy and promotes increased attendance at schools. This means that more children receive an education and a meal during the day. An educated child will grow to support a family and benefit the community.

The money is allocated to the schools at the beginning of the academic year in January. Parents then receive a receipt, showing the fees paid for the year and Oliver & Learn receives a list of the names of those sponsored. We use this to monitor continuity, from year to year, attendance and results. Any trends can be highlighted and discussed with the schools by our representative in Kianjai, who visits the schools for this purpose throughout the year.

To ensure that we choose the children to subsidise fairly, we act on the advice of the Principals and PTAs. The list is signed off by the PTA and the Principal. Then it is brought to the board where it is signed off by church stewards, who also know the children in this community.